My specializations are in Core Data (especially with multithreading!), performance (loading large sets of data quickly), background processing and drawing, and communicating with web services. I can help improve performance in your app, or get the internals up and running for a new app.

I'm available for projects. Please get in touch.


I worked on the Planning Center Services app, the Music Stand app, as well as their Projector app.
The apps share a library of code, which I created and maintained - OAuth, NSURLConnection categories, and Core Data enhancements. For instance, my mastery of Core Data allows these apps to load 10,000 objects in the "Songs" and "People" tabs in less than 3 seconds, without blocking the UI or causing merge problems.

Prevention FBD iPhone app
This was an early app, making use of Core Data... and mass-importing data from the client's database using SQLite (to allow them to change data easily in updates). and ABA Journal iPhone app
Managed and built new functionality on this fast-paced news and magazine site, powered by ExpressionEngine. Then, when the iPhone was released, built a newsreader which pulled the latest feed from the site.

Open-source iMedia Browser
Long ago, early in my Objective-C days (around 2005), I helped kick-start this open-source project. We parsed the iTunes XML database (I wrote the first iteration of this), monitored changes in Movies and Music folders, and displayed a panel like the iWork apps. Any app could use this code to allow drag-and-drop from iTunes, iMovie, iPhoto, and Safari. It's exploded into something bigger since then - Flickr, Aperture, and more.


I have a passion for helping others learn.

A Core Data parsing example - I'm encouraging other iOS developers to write their own code for parsing JSON and applying it to Core Data objects (with NSOperationQueue or GCD), rather than using large libraries. Learn how to build it, so you can understand and debug it.